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Established in 2014, Byron Bay Skateboard School seeks to be the vehicle which assists to propel and promote skateboarding’s positive, creative and unique lifestyle. We deliver professional skateboard lessons for all ages, levels and styles.


BBSS's creator Flavio Biehl has been skateboarding since 1984 and has participated in many competitions within Australia and overseas. Coaching, teaching and sharing his love for the sport has gradually become his mantra.


"The children look up to Flavio as a role model and I personally see him as a trusted guide that I hope will be in my family's life for many years to come."

Katy Andrews, BYRON BAY.



"Flavio is a warm, fun & highly skilled individual on a skateboard and behind a camera."

Canela Williams, BYRON BAY.



"He uses encouraging, pleasing, patiente and confindent stepping stones.""

Leah Rettenmaier, BYRON BAY.



"Sensational coach, our kids think he is fantastic !!!!"

Lee Rodgers, GOLD COAST.



"Flavio is the right man for the job! Your kids will be shredding in no time!"

Kurt Nischel, GOLD COAST.



"Flavio is such a good teacher, he can relate to all ages and it is the best fun. Cannot recommend enough!"

Tim Cavanagh, ADELAIDE






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